Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer School Sucks

Summer school sucks.  But, I have only taken one summer school class and it was research methods, so take my observation as you will.  We really did try to cram a 10 week class in a 5 week time period and it did not work out so well.

The "unhelpful high school teacher" meme below summarizes the final exam last night.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

GOP makes North Carolina better - Update x 2

When I first read about this last week, it gave me quite a chuckle.  It must be nice to outlaw things we do not like or want to believe.

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To be fair (who does this anymore in politics?), they are doing this so the beach communities can continue to progress as usual, without have to start preparing (zoning laws and building codes) and paying for something that may or may not happen a 80 years from now.  There are different studies by different scientists who forecast different measurements.  It's just extremely funny we created a bill to ignore science.  If you have beach front property in North Carolina, you should definitely sell it sometime this century though, or be prepared to spend a lot of money toward beachification efforts.

Thanks to the GOP for making North Carolina more interesting and news worthy.  From education in Wake County, to making the poor not poor enough, to making civil unions unconstitutional, and now outlawing science, thanks!

6-7-12 Update:
Apparently the wording has changed in the new draft, but it still would exclude data considering the acceleration from climate change. Read more here. The WRAL article also contains information about where this push is coming from and who is behind it.

6-21-12 Update:
According to the N&O, the bill has been re-written: article It will be presented next week, so it will be interesting to see how they changed the wording.